Get Rid Of The Bed Bugs!

19 Jan

Pests are one of those unwanted house guests that can turn up in many different forms and make it difficult to live peacefully in your home. One of these highly stubborn and irritating types of pests is the bed bug. Bed bugs are usually found in the frames of the beds and on the mattress but they can move from one place to another through walls and other items. They are literally blood sucking insects which can bite anyone who sleeps on the bed. 

Usually, the area exposed during sleeping can be prone to get bitten by a bed bug. They suck the blood from their source leaving behind a red bump or rash which can extensively itch. People with skin allergies can feel that their skin conditions worsen after being bitten by a bed bug. Bed bugs can make it very difficult for you to sleep peacefully at night followed by itching and rashes the next morning. Hence, getting rid of bed bugs can be on the top of anyone’s priority list.

Bed bugs might not be visible to the naked eye initially. But there are a few signs which can point towards a possible bed bug infestation. Some of these are listed below:

  • A musty smell in the room especially near the bed.

  • Skin rashes and itching (which was not present when you went to sleep) when you wake up in the morning.

  • Bloody stains on the sides and frame of the bed which could indicate the excretion of the bed bugs.

If you notice any of the above mentioned signs, you should immediately call bed bug control services. Luckily, there are several bed bug control services offered by different companies in Singapore, one of them being Pest Off. The professional and trained consultants and technicians at the company help diagnose the extent of the problem and put forward solutions to eradicate the bed bugs completely. 

First, they inspect the complete site and premises to identify bed bug infestation. Then based on individual requirements of the client, proposed solutions are implemented to remove the bed bugs. The usual treatment which is adopted includes the use of NEA approved chemicals which are safe to use and are environment friendly. The chemicals also do not stain furniture or any other surface that it might get into contact with. 

Through research-based techniques such as space dispersion, residual chemicals are used to target even the remotest bed bugs which might be hiding deep inside crevices and cracks. After about two weeks of this treatment, the bed bugs finally start to die.

If any of the clients have skin allergies or other conditions which might get aggravated from the use of chemicals, then other types of treatments are used to get rid of the bed bugs. One of the most common alternative treatment which does not use any chemical is the heat technique. This is a relatively longer procedure where regular sessions are carried out for a few days after which the bed bugs get eliminated. But even so, the bed bugs do get eliminated giving you peace of mind and the opportunity to have a good night’s sleep.

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